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Jacci Watson, Skyline Landscape Services

Category nine – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

Jacci is empathetic and passionate about helping ill or injured workers throughout their recovery from managing the claims process to attending appointments and modifying business processes for their return to work. She is calm during distressing and sometimes difficult circumstances and forms strong relationships with workers, family, doctors, insurers and other health care professionals.

She looks at the individual as a whole, taking into consideration family circumstances and psychological wellbeing to develop detailed return to work plans and meaningful suitable duties.

Jacci has integrated injury management into the safe work systems at Skyline Landscape Services and completes a thorough investigation of each injury, engaging senior managers to develop innovative safety and return to work initiatives.

Jacci has built a supportive environment for injured workers by educating, mentoring and coaching managers, supervisors and field staff on effective injury management. She has instigated and promoted a 'stay at work and recover culture', to make sure employees feel productive, supported and valued. As a result of her contributions, Skyline Landscaping Services has seen a reduction in insurance premiums by 37 per cent over the past three years and reduced the number of lost time injuries by 75 percent.

Jacci Watson, Skyline Landscape Services