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Hilary Mauro, Endeavour Foundation

Category nine – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

With almost 20 years' experience in the field, Hilary uses her expertise in return to work principles to manage a young workforce with over 300 apprentices and trainees. She lives and breathes rehabilitation and return to work and carefully plans each return to work plan so that the injured worker feels confident and can fully focus on their recovery.

Hilary has a warm and bubbly personality, which helps her build genuine rapport with people. She attends appointments with workers, arranges to pick them up from work and drop them back if required and ensures the families, carers and workplace are all involved by explaining every appointment outcome.

Hilary is committed to open and clear communication and has been mentoring, educating and training Endeavour Foundation's team of work health and safety business partners, senior managers, consultants and medical professionals. She has covered topics such as early return to work processes, the importance of early return to work, developing recover at work plans, injury reporting, showing compassion with workers and managers, and incident reporting.

Hiliary Mauro - cat 9