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2019 SWRWA Winner

Category five – Best commitment to work health and wellbeing

CQUniversity has around 3500 staff located in 25 campuses across five states.

The CQUniversity health and wellbeing initiative is strongly aligned with its safety management system and has full executive management support. The leadership team actively promotes the program and attends health and wellbeing events.

Staff are consulted through the safety management system consultation framework at health and wellbeing events and through staff surveys. Each campus runs individual programs that are designed for local staff and more complex programs are implemented across the organisation.

The comprehensive program addresses work design, psychological health, financial health and work/life balance. A number of challenges have been overcome, including geographic barriers by partnering with local service providers, offering online training through webinars and addressing the areas of need identified through consultation.

CQUniversity runs an evidence based, integrated health and wellbeing initiative that has resulted in strong engagement and a positive impact on health and safety culture. The influence of the program extends past the staff with their families and the wider.