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Skyline Landscape Services

2019 SWRWA Winner

Category ten – Best demonstrated leadership in return to work

Skyline Landscape Services is a nationally recognised leader in the provision of landscape and horticultural management services in Queensland.

Skyline Landscape Services' rehabilitation and return to work culture has been developed collectively through leadership, communication and training. Management prioritises workplace rehabilitation and this is supported by the organisation's workplace rehabilitation policy. The messages in the policy are reinforced in training, campaigns, awareness programs and daily activities.

Return to work is always discussed in an open, positive and supportive way and each illness or injury is treated individually, taking into consideration all aspects of the worker's recovery. This involves contributions from the return to work coordinator, injured worker, treating health professionals, occupational rehabilitation providers, managers, supervisors and co-workers to minimise the impact of the injury or illness on the worker and their family.

Skyline Landscape Services collaborates with key stakeholders to deliver rehabilitation and return to work initiatives that are practical, safe and workable in the field, including:

  • suitable duties
  • external rehabilitation providers
  • modifications to tasks, equipment or work schedules
  • upskilling or retraining opportunities
  • transition to new employment.

Skyline Landscape Services - cat 10

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