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Skyline Landscape Services

Category eight – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

Skyline Landscape Services provides landscape and horticultural management services.

Its rehabilitation and return to work philosophy is based on minimising the impact an illness or injury can have on a person physically, emotionally and psychologically as well as their family, finances and ability to work. The leadership team promotes a positive rehabilitation and return to work culture from the top down and supports a variety of rehabilitation and return to work strategies, including:

  • productive engagement and information flow between stakeholders
  • good governance for monitoring return to work cases
  • training for supervisors and managers
  • reporting to senior management on performance
  • employee wellness including social and emotional support
  • providing suitable duties tasks that are meaningful.

Skyline Landscape Services adopts a holistic approach to its return to work program by including workers in their recovery and offering tailored return to work or stay at work programs. Options range from suitable duties, modifications to tasks, equipment or work schedule to upskilling, re-training or transitioning to new employment.

Skyline Landscape Services - cat 8