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QBuild, Department of Energy and Public Works

Category three – Best solution to an identified electrical issue

QBuild is a commercialised business unit of the Queensland Government. They are the Queensland Government’s builder and employ 235,000 workers in various capacities. As such, they are an electrical contractor who employ electrical supervisors, electrical and restricted electrical field staff, and apprentices.

A need was identified to create additional supports for staff in the areas of verifying an electrical installation and lock out/tagout (LOTO). In response, QBuild created online training modules for each of these areas to be incorporated as part of electrical employees onboarding and induction processes, as well as a periodic skill refresher training for existing staff. The modules aim to reinforce the instruction to conduct an effective electrical risk assessment and implement identified controls (i.e. isolation and lockout PPE etc).

Producing the online electrical safety training modules in-house ensured that not only were all relevant industry standards covered, but that the content was fit for purpose and aligns with business expectations.