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Category ten – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety and return to work

Workforce provider to the technical industries, Protech, recognises that the wellbeing of their employees is the essence to being a positive influence on people lives. In accordance with this belief they have developed a safety management framework that is built on three pillars:

  1. having proactive safety processes where they work closely with their clients
  2. continually monitoring their safety management processes, through investigations and alternative process implementation
  3. a commitment to ongoing safety with checks performed by Protech team members.

These pillars are continually reviewed through engaging consultation with employees throughout all stages of the work cycle.

Staying true to these three pillars, Protech partnered with Cernova, an innovative Australian neuro-technology business, to develop a better screening process to help identify risks and challenges and enhance workplace safety. Cernova implemented an online colour assessment that provided insights into Protech's employees subconscious behaviours and attitudes towards safety. Using the data collected in this assessment, Protech have transformed their workplace safety with a reduction in injury rates and significantly improved safety outcomes. They also aim to foster an environment where workers can openly discuss safety related matters and feel assured that they will be supported.