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Collar Group

Category ten – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety and return to work

Recruitment and employment agency, Collar Group, has gone beyond traditional reactive measures when it comes to the safety and the return to work for their employees, instead focusing on proactive, preventative strategies. Safety and wellbeing have been integrated into their core values which is demonstrated by their awareness of today's work health and safety systems including leadership through innovative 'safety differently' and 'psychosocial safety' approaches.

To communicate the company's commitment to safety and wellbeing to workers, they developed an illustrative 'solar system' with each planet representing different departments, procedures, and protocols, which continually orbit. This concept conveys to employees that safety is an ongoing journey rather than a destination.

Their progressive safety leadership development program solidifies a top-down commitment to safety, while their person-centred initiatives ensure each worker’s personal safety journey is acknowledged and supported. Leadership actively encourages transparency, dialogue and learning around workplace incidents to help raise awareness and find solutions.