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Katrina Christen

Category seven – Injured worker achievement award

Katrina, a Senior Team Leader of Environment, was leaving the office one day and jumped backwards after spotting a snake on the footpath. The reaction meant that she knocked her right shoulder into the side of the building which was so painful she fell to the ground. Katrina was taken to Townsville University Hospital by her colleague where radiology investigations confirmed she had a right humeral fracture. She underwent surgery to repair her fractured shoulder and received exercises following the surgery to perform at home along with rest for two weeks.

Katrina had a positive attitude towards her recovery and return to work and ensured she completed all rehabilitation activities including physiotherapy. Three weeks post-surgery, Katrina was able to return to work for meetings, seminars, webinars, interviews and to perform light administrative based tasks for a few hours each week. Within five months she was back at work performing her full duties.