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Aylin MacDonald

Category seven – Injured worker achievement award

Aylin worked as a cleaner for TAFE Queensland Gold Coast when in 2022 she slipped on a chemical spill going into the storeroom and injured her back. Following the fall, Aylin visited her doctor and X-rays and an MRI scan revealed that Aylin had damaged her L5 and S1 disc. These injuries limited her ability to stretch, lift and sit/stand for long periods, impacting her normal everyday activities including work.

Aylin’s rehabilitation and return to work plan included physiotherapy three times a week to assist with the pain and inflammation and help her range of motion. She also regained strength and balance training at the gym under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Aylin worked with the support services available to assist her to return to work as soon as possible and as a result was able to undertake some project work where she performed chemical audits, inspections and data management within five months.

Although not able to return to her prior work as a cleaner, Aylin's personal drive and willingness to learn new skills enabled her to successfully transition to an administrative officer. In her new role she uses a range of software and manages a new digital rolls program for health/nursing staff and engages with school program students and staff to record and monitor student attendance.