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Ampcontrol (Queensland locations)

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

Ampcontrol is an energy company that seeks to solve complex energy problems and make net zero a reality. Several years ago, they identified a need to improve overall worker safety—both physically and mentally—and implemented a program, 'Live Work Better' in a bid to address these needs.

Live Work Better is psychology-based, and challenges employees about how they think and act towards Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) and how this aligns with their core values. With the overarching goal of encouraging employees to live and work better together, the program provides concepts and tools that help to create a culture of shared responsibility, ownership, positive HSEQ outcomes, and mental and physical health.

Since implementing the program, Ampcontrol has seen a cultural shift in how HSEQ is managed throughout the organisation, evidenced by a shift in the maturity indicator, moving from 'Basic' to 'Developing' or 'Established'. They have also experienced significant improvements in their lagging and leading indicators, including Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate, leader visibility/HSEQ conversations, hazard reporting, proactive inspections completed, and HSEQ system access.