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More than 70 Queenslanders have been killed using quad bikes since 2001. The Ride ready campaign aims to reduce deaths and injuries.

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Play the Ride ready game for your chance to win a quad bike helmet!

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Helmets One in five quad bike incidents result in head trauma. Wearing a helmet is the best way to minimise the risk of a head injury.

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Training Even the most experienced riders need to be prepared for the unexpected – enrol in a training course near you.

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Kids on kids bikes

Kids on kids bikes One in five Queensland quad bike deaths are kids under the age of 16. Adult-sized quad bikes are too large for kids and can be difficult to handle.

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Loads and attachments

Overloaded Heavy loads and attachments can make quad bikes even more unstable - reduce the risk of a roll-over.

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Don't double

Doubled Doubling on a single-seat quad bike increases the risk of a roll-over – make sure you never double.

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General safety

Tick Things you need to know about quad bike and side-by-side vehicle safety.

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