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Ambassador workplace visits


We encourage Queensland businesses to show their commitment to health and safety by hosting an industry health and safety event. Your business can apply for Shane Webcke, Safety Ambassador to attend your event and share his story to increase awareness and influence behaviour change.

Shane Webcke

Shane Webcke holding a football

As Queensland Safety Ambassador, Shane shares the story of how his father's death impacted his family, and offers advice to workers and businesses about the importance of staying safe at work and creating a strong safety culture.

"I lost my dad in a workplace incident, so I know first-hand that family and loved ones are the most important reason for work safety."

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Attendance by an Ambassador at your industry event can assist with:

  • increasing industry and workplace awareness about the importance of work health and safety
  • highlight the personal impacts that an injury or illness can have on workers and their families
  • prompt discussion about work health and safety
  • encourage employers and workers to develop work health and safety solutions together.

Appropriate activities for the Ambassadors to participate in include:

  • giving a keynote address (minimum presentation time is 40 minutes, maximum is an hour)
  • presenting awards/prizes (only if a speaking opportunity is also provided).

Example activities that are not suitable for ambassadors.

  • Workplace tours
  • General morning tea/lunch/BBQ event
  • Networking with no focus or speaker program
  • Toolbox talks
  • Full day attendance

An event at which an Ambassador is requested to attend must meet strict criteria and is subject to approval on a case by case basis. Approval and Ambassador availability is not guaranteed. Please allow four weeks between your application and your event date if possible.

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The event must:

  • provide an opportunity for the Ambassador to appear as a speaker at Queensland workplace-based and/or industry led safety events, speaking to Queensland workers (minimum presentation time 40 mins, maximum presentation time one hour)
  • be supported by industry and industry bodies
  • be operated by a reputable company
  • be a work health and safety event, with a program of work health and safety speaker/s or work health and safety topics for discussion.
  • include an event program with a number of speakers. The Ambassador must not be the sole speaker. An event program outline must be supplied with your application
  • be free for participants to attend
  • extend invitations to supply chain or industry/neighbouring companies
  • provide credit to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland in the program where the Ambassador is noted or introduced (e.g., "Queensland Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke appears courtesy of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland") and in any associated media or social media promotions.
  • follow Queensland Health directives regarding COVID-19 with all attendees abiding by social distancing rules. Consider whether an outdoor event is possible, and how you will ensure the safety of Shane, your event attendees and staff.

Please note, all criteria above are mandatory for your request to be considered. You may be contacted by a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland representative for further information or clarification before we progress your application for approval.

No audio recording or filming is permitted during Ambassador presentations and appearances.

In assessing the application, the Office of Industrial Relations will consider whether the event supports our corporate goals and objectives, including:

  • increase effectiveness of strategic programs
  • enhance corporate identity and reputation
  • encourage industry/community engagement
  • promote Queensland Government initiatives to relevant target audiences and priority industries
  • focus on building and enhancing existing relationships
  • encourage key stakeholders to participate in important issues and initiatives.

Requests for appearances at industry events will be considered by the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland Executive Management team. If declined by the executive, and event organisers still wish to engage an Ambassador, we can provide event organisers with the contact details for the Ambassador's management to negotiate an appearance directly. Costs in this instance will be borne by the event organiser.

Please note: Our Ambassador has other work commitments outside his Ambassador role, which may impact on his ability to attend events. Travel outside of Brisbane on weekdays may limit the timing of his presentation or ability to attend.

Make sure your industry safety event meets all criteria before you submit your request for an Ambassador to attend, however availability is not guaranteed. We will do everything we can to have the Ambassador attend appropriate industry events, however their availability is not guaranteed. Please consider one of our Safety advocates as an alternative if you are unable to meet the Ambassador criteria.

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