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Ambassador workplace visit application


Ambassador attendance is subject to approval and availability. Please allow a minimum of four weeks between submitting your request and your proposed event date. Please note, you may experience a delay in application processing in periods of high requests such as October, or if information submitted is incomplete.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
Your details
Your business/organisation
Your event
Start time *
End time *
Event address
Must be 4 digits.
Between 40 minutes and 1 hour.
Have you held this event before? Who is speaking, what topics are being discussed, why are you holding the event etc. Is your event is part of a broader campaign (e.g. supporting Safe Work Month or Mental Health Week)?
You will also need to upload a Word document (doc or docx) of no more than 20 MB in size that outlines your run sheet/speaking program and times. You can also provide a link to an online speaker program, website or any event promotions if you wish.
Minimum 100 people.
Your supply chain, industry partners, neighbouring companies, other industry organisations etc? Please detail organisations and attendee demographics (e.g. industry, job title, etc).
Is your event supported by industry and/or industry bodies? Are you working in partnership with any other organisations to deliver this event? Does your event encourage industry/community engagement in work health and safety initiatives?
Tell us a little about your organisation and how the event fits within your organisation (e.g. is this part of Safe Work Month, Mental Health Week, regular activity in your workplace, as a result of recent safety incidents/near miss etc).
Your event should be free for participants to attend.
Will you require any quotes or media interviews with our Ambassador?
Did an Ambassador attend? Who did they speak to? When was the event? What was the feedback?
Acknowledgements * You will provide credit to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland in the program where the Ambassador is noted or introduced.
Filming * No audio recording or filming is permitted during Ambassador presentations and appearances.
Evaluation * If your application is approved, you agree to complete a short evaluation survey post event?

Privacy statement

The Office of Industrial Relations is collecting your personal information for the purposes of responding to your registration request. Your personal information may also be used for the purpose of reviewing our client service performance and standards.

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