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  • Video

    Removing barriers to lung health and compliance issues

    In this presentation, recorded at the Healthy Lungs Forum in November 2019, Tristan explores an evidence-based model of behaviour change that is well-established and a proven driver of change over the past 30 years across a range of industries and workplace settings.

  • Podcast

    Using drones to improve safety and efficiency in cattle yards

    As a farmer, business owner and Queensland Safety Ambassador, Shane Webcke knows first-hand how important it is to prioritise safe work and innovation on farms. Shane and Byron Wolff from Thompson Longhorn discuss how flying drones above stockyards provides real time information on cattle handing, and how the data provided can improve animal flow and worker safety.

  • Video

    Cook family talk about managing livestock

    Features the Cook family discussing the importance of safe stockyard design.

  • Video

    Workplace bullying: Legislative requirements

    In a webinar presented on 11 June 2014, Shane Stockill, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, provided businesses with practical guidance and assistance on how to identify and manage the risks of bullying in their workplace.

  • Video

    Common law claims: What is evidence

    This the second in our series of common law webinars, this session focussed on 'What is evidence'.

  • Video

    Hand injuries rehabilitation and timeframes

    Hands are complex. Dr Cameron Mackay, hand surgeon and plastic reconstructive surgeon explains the doctor’s role in managing hand injuries.

  • Video

    A will to work – Clinton Benson’s story

    Injured worker and Recover at Work participant Clinton Benson shares his story of rehabilitation and getting back into work.

  • Video

    Which workplace interventions really work

    Presented by Dr Venerina Johnston, this webinar discusses how the workplace has an important role in the return to work process and outlines which workplace interventions have proven to be effective in assisting injured workers return to work.

  • Video

    Early treatment improves results: Musculoskeletal forum with David Brentnall

    Physiotherapy within 48 hours of an injury occurring dramatically increases patient recovery. That was one of the key messages from Axis Specialist Musculoskeletal Therapist David Brentnall, who spoke at a management of musculoskeletal injuries forum.

  • Campaign

    Safe Work Month 2020

    A full program of virtual events, tools and resources focusing on work health and safety and return to work is planned this October.

  • Video

    Workplace bullying: Issues at common law

    WorkCover hosted a webinar presented by Bill Rogers from Crown Law on Wednesday 27 August 2014.

  • Video

    Serious about grazier safety webinar series

    These webinars are brought to you by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and OBE Organic. It is the first five of a series of six webinars based on the Serious about farm safety guide to assist you to develop a simple safety management system.