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  • Video

    Your questions answered: Workplace bullying - issues at common law

    Bill Rogers, Crown Law, has provided answers to the questions raised during the workplace bullying webinar presented on 27 August 2014.

  • Video

    Worker definition

    In this short video, WorkCover Queensland Customer Service Manager, construction, John Kinnane clarifies the worker definition changes, and explains how they affect employers and workers in the construction and transport industries.

  • Video

    Worker definition webinar

    CCIQ hosted a webinar on 31 July 2013 for Queensland employers to learn about legislative changes to who is a worker for workers' compensation purposes.

  • Video

    Early treatment improves results: Musculoskeletal forum with David Brentnall

    Physiotherapy within 48 hours of an injury occurring dramatically increases patient recovery. That was one of the key messages from Axis Specialist Musculoskeletal Therapist David Brentnall, who spoke at a management of musculoskeletal injuries forum.

  • Video

    Common law claims: Safe work procedures and PPE

    The third webinar in our common law series concentrated on safety procedures and PPE.

  • Video

    Cross border arrangements webinar

    This webinar provides more information about covering workers who work in more than one state or territory.

  • Video

    Understanding disclosure of pre-existing conditions

    Queensland legislative changes passed in October 2013 include the ability for employers to request information about pre-existing injuries or medical conditions from potential workers.

  • Video

    Common law claims: What is evidence

    This the second in our series of common law webinars, this session focussed on 'What is evidence'.

  • Video

    Common law claims: Special considerations for a young and ageing workforce

    This webinar provided employers with information on how to keep the younger and ageing workforce safe, tips on any enhancements to work practices, and employer obligations in terms of rehabilitation and the possible implications for damages claims.

  • Video

    Systems thinking – manual tasks

    To prevent injuries at work, we need to do more than tell our workers how to be safe. We need to think about the big picture and all the factors that impact healthy and safe work.