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  • Cater Care Group: Emphasising capacity, not limitation

    Cater Care Group provides contract catering, accommodation and facility management services to industries in regional and remote locations across Queensland.

  • Return to work plan: a perfect fit

    Shoe store manager Evelyn worked together with her employer Jo Mercer, doctor and WorkCover to find a way to get back to the job she loves after sustaining an injury.

  • Working together on a return to work

    A community support agency worker who was injured on the way to work was able to return with the help of employer support and a positive attitude.

  • Return to work one step at a time

    A Queensland Health home care worker was able to stay focused on her recovery during rounds of medical and counselling appointments by only thinking about “the next two weeks”.

  • Bedding down a safety Mantra

    This case study demonstrates the importance of identifying claims trends to create a safer workplace.

  • Modern Teaching Aids

    MTA was invited to join the Injury Prevention and Management (IPaM) program in 2013 after experiencing a higher than average number of worker’s compensation claims.

  • Positive culture leads to positive outcome

    In the case of worker Georgina Lacey and her employer Knights Laundry, regular contact was the key in achieving a return to work after a repetitive stress injury.

  • No damages for highly unusual work event

    The plaintiff was a 25-year-old hospitality worker at the Daydream Island Resort. He suffered unusual injuries in highly unusual circumstances.

  • Host employment results in return to work

    A service station operator secured a new job at Bunnings after recovering from a motorcycle accident on his way home from work.


    In 2011, mining and minerals exploration company, ‘Drill Engineering and Pastoral Co ‘(DEPCO), were invited to participate in IPaM and the results are paying off.

  • Risk of injury for manual handling

    Griffiths v State of Queensland, 1 April 2011. The injured worker was employed as a nursing assistant at the Nambour General Hospital, where she worked in the Central Sterilising Service Department (CSSD). The CSSD is a large industrial washing area, equipped with sterilising dishwashers and other equipment for medical sterilisation and cleaning.

  • Don’t let a major injury change your life

    When 17 year old Blair Bongers lost some of his fingers in a workplace accident, he was determined that it wouldn’t stop him from achieving his goals, or having a positive attitude to life.