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  • Diesel Parts and Service: Improving culture to reduce injuries

    Diesel Parts and Service provide sales, installation and servicing of diesel parts including pumps, engines and generators. The company has been family run for more than 45 years and currently employs 28 staff.

  • Employer not liable where no breach of duty or causation can be established

    Durkin v Ambrose Haulage Pty Ltd [2020] QDC 97. A truck driver alleged that he suffered bilateral shoulder injuries which he attributed to driving long distance in trucks with deteriorated suspension/shock absorbers.

  • Russell Transport: Fighting the flu

    Drivers at Russell Transport often work independently, constantly moving in and out of offices and interacting with people from all walks of life at multiple workplaces and delivery destinations.

  • Court imposes very high duty on Employers

    Beven v Brisbane Youth Service Inc [2017] QCA 211 22 September 2017. There is a very strict duty on employers who provide services to high risk clients, to take reasonable precautions, including the decline of services, in order to protect their staff.

  • Employer not liable for slip on grape

    As outlined in our case study, the appellant was a school teacher employed by Riverside Christian College. In 2015, she sustained injuries to her left knee when she slipped on a grape when walking in a foyer area between classrooms.

  • Russell Transport: Mental health initiative

    The long hours that drivers spend on the road by themselves, the remote locations they travel to and the time spent away from family, can sometimes lead to poor relationships, feelings of isolation, stress and depression. The management team at Russell Transport felt it was important to work with staff to manage these risk factors.

  • Bus Queensland: Linking with community organisations – a low cost health and wellbeing program

    Bus Queensland employs approximately 400 people at four depots and provides urban, school and charter bus services to the Park Ridge, Ipswich, Laidley and Toowoomba districts.

  • Third parties to provide insurance

    Hodge v CSR Limited, 2 February 2010. Third parties may have to provide insurance for employees when it can be shown the injury was caused by a change to the system of work that could not be detected on inspection of the premises prior to injury by the employer.

  • Company slashes workers’ comp claim costs

    Airline handling service provider Oceania Aviation has cut its workers’ compensation claim costs by 47 percent in just two years thanks to a major safety overhaul which was embarked upon when its premium costs came close to double the industry average.

  • Goodna State School: Staff wellbeing team

    Goodna State School (GSS) is a large primary school located in Ipswich with approximately 750 students and 108 staff. Forty per cent of the workforce is aged 55 years and over.

  • How far are courts prepared to go with social media and bullying

    Robinson v Lorna Jane Pty Ltd [2017] QDC 266, 3 November 2017. In this case, the Court ordered the Plaintiff to disclose facebook material, which completely destroyed the Plaintiff's credibility.

  • Stellar Asia Pacific

    Stellar recognised that early intervention and having a focus on workplace rehabilitation can reduce the economic and human costs associated with work related injury and illness. They have applied an early intervention approach to their injury management processes and are reaping the benefits.