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  • Automatic shrink wrapping machine - Rexel

    Rexel is a supplier of electrical products to electricians and members of the public across Queensland that has invested in two automatic shrink wrapping machines, used to wrap stock on pallets to ship to customers.

  • Managing hazardous manual tasks using the PErforM program

    Halliburton shared their experiences of their risk management program evolution at the PErforM network meeting on 8 May 2014.

  • Holy Cross Laundry

    Holy Cross Laundry has improved their stay at work and their claim durations have decreased following their participation in the IPaM program.

  • Mandatory participation results in damages paid

    Bagiante v Bunnings Group Limited. [2012] QSC, 31 May 2012. Employers should take care when arranging team events and participation in these activities should be on a voluntary basis.

  • Pressing ahead with safety initiatives delivers results

    If RockPress looked into the future six years ago, when its premium was double the industry rate, with significant common law claims, and no return to work policies, they could not have anticipated the incredibly positive results they are now achieving. Today, RockPress has no common law claims, has an incredibly strong safety culture, and its premium is about half of the industry rate.

  • Accident not caused by failures

    Wolters v The University of the Sunshine Coast [2012] QSC 298, 5 October 2012. This is another case where the legal term of causation has been examined. The court found the employer breached its duty at common law and in contract by failing to adequately manage the behaviour of the supervisor following the event with the previous worker. However, the court held that the breach did not cause the claimant's loss, as it could not find that any action by the employer would have prevented the supervisor's actions on the day.

  • Employer found not negligent in security

    Karanfilov v MSS Security & Ors [2013] QSC 304. Injured worker suffered post-traumatic stress disorder when he was working as a security guard.

  • Liability admitted but future economic loss disputed

    Haden v Smith's Snackfood Company Ltd [2013] QMC 1 11 February 2013. The plaintiff won in the Magistrates Court, but the decision was successfully appealed due to an incorrect calculation of damages.

  • Evidence does not support damages claim

    Lewis v Greenmountain Food Processing Pty Ltd 6 June 2014 A Brisbane judge rules against labourer’s claims for damages for personal injuries suffered in the course of his employment at a meat processing plant due to conflicting evidence.

  • Employer not liable for worker failing to keep look out

    Pershouse v Sirius Observatories Australia [2013] QDC, 9 May 2013. The Court was satisfied that there was no duty upon the employer to protect the worker from a risk that would have been reasonably foreseen by the worker.

  • Fostering a healthy culture

    By implementing health, wellbeing and return to work programs, and focusing on workplace safety, CUB Yatala has a positive workplace culture and fewer workplace injuries.

  • No reason to anticipate misconduct might be dangerous

    Pols v AME Products [2013] QDC 190 19 August 2013. There was no reason to anticipate misconduct might be dangerous to other employees.There was no reason to anticipate misconduct might be dangerous to other employees.