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All Access Crewing Pty Ltd: The show must go on..safely

All Access Crewing provide specialist workers for the entertainment industry including stage managers, riggers, scaffolders, lighting and sound technicians. All Access Crewing provide support for concerts, music festivals, theatre productions, sporting events and film and television production across Australia.

All Access Crewing was invited to participate in the Injury Prevention and Management Program (IPaM) in 2014 following a high number of workers' compensation claims, putting them above the industry average.

IPaM is a joint initiative between Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and WorkCover Queensland. IPaM assists businesses to develop better work health and safety and injury management systems.

What was the problem?

Having a non-centralised workforce means All Access Crewing experience difficulties communicating effectively with staff. Worker's compensation claims also identified that a number of injuries were being sustained as a result of hazardous manual handling tasks.

An IPaM advisor visited worksites and reviewed the All Access Crewing management system, then identified opportunities to improve injury rates and problems associated with a non-centralised workforce through consultation, communication, training and supervision.

What was the solution?

A range of measures were implemented to address communication issues including:

  • development of a new digital communication platform including web portal and mobile applications to improve staff access to important information
  • online delivery of site-specific inductions about upcoming performances, training, toolbox meetings and team meetings

Staff take up of the new technology has been positive with 75 per cent of staff using the new system for pre-performance orientation.

All Access Crewing are investigating further developing the online system to improve communication options for staff with poor reading skills or who come from non-English speaking backgrounds by including the use of diagrams and videos through the technology.

All Access Crewing also undertook a number of steps to improve the number of incidents caused by hazardous manual handling including:

  • participation in the Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks (PErforM) program which is a manual task risk management program which aims to reduce musculoskeletal disorders
  • review of all current risk assessments in consultation with staff to identify major risks
  • creating greater awareness amongst staff of the risks of hazardous manual tasks and how to avoid injury
  • changes to process to encourage the use of mechanical aids instead of manual labour for tasks where possible
  • installation of catch deck at the rear of truck and forklifts to move items up and down reducing risks of hazardous manual tasks.

What were the benefits?

  • Improved communication with staff around work safety
  • Site specific inductions have improved staff productivity and improved production time
  • Workers are more involved and have more opportunities to discuss safety concerns with their supervisor
  • WorkCover data shown no new claims in last two financial years
  • Reduction in premium rates has resulted in them returning to the industry rate.

More information

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