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    Managing the risks of high fault current

    Senior Inspector Mark Pocock discusses the risks of working around high fault current.

  • Video

    Dear Dad - an asbestos awareness film

    Asbestos Awareness Ambassador Trevor Gillmeister shares a heartfelt letter to his dad Ron, who lost his battle with mesothelioma (an asbestos-related disease) in 2009

  • Video

    Council of the City of Gold Coast (PErforM program)

    In this webinar presentation, Sharon Vandermaat, business and Compliance Facilitator, will discuss how the Council of the City of Gold Coast implemented the Participative Ergonomic for Manual Tasks (PEforM) program into the branch , as well as the benefits that have been realised as a result of the integration.

  • Video

    Knife sharpness in red meat processing

    This knife sharpening webinar looks at our key findings from a state wide knife sharpness assessment program.

  • Video

    Live Well Farm Well - Physical Activity

    Craig and Jade Buchanan, banana growers at LMB Farms at East Palmerston, NQ have also embraced the Live Well Farm Well program and are seeing the difference they are making to their workers' health and the productivity of their farm.

  • Video

    Preventing workers falling from trucks

    This workers’ Compensation Regulator webinar outlines the purpose of suitable duties programs and how they can assist in getting better return to work outcomes.

  • Video

    People at work: The Burstows experience

    This film shows how a Toowoomba based funeral home, Burstows, successfully implemented the 'People at Work' process in order to decrease these risks to workers.

  • Video

    Cook family talk about managing livestock

    Features the Cook family discussing the importance of safe stockyard design.

  • Video

    A will to work – Clinton Benson’s story

    Recover at Work participant Clinton Benson shares his story of rehabilitation and getting back into work.

  • Video

    Serious about grazier safety webinar series

    These eight webinars are based on the "Serious about farm safety guide". Use them to develop your safety management system.

  • Video

    Isolating machinery when not in production

    This film focuses on effectively isolating machinery, to ensure it doesn't start up accidentally during maintenance, servicing or cleaning.

  • Video

    Safe handling when securing loads

    This webinar hosted by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland will help organisations reduce and prevent injuries to workers while securing loads on vehicles. Gain insight to help improve your awareness and capabilities for safer practices when securing loads.