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    Inspired career change for recovered worker

    Rachel Murphy, who suffered a serious shoulder injury which needed surgery, has some fantastic advice for others who may be injured at work and facing a job change or potential career change to get back into the workforce. Listen to Rachel’s story on how she embraced her host employment as an opportunity to shape a new career.

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    Vehicle loading cranes workshop 2019

    Vehicle loading cranes' (VLCs) stabilisers and outriggers should always be packed, locked and secured safely for travel.

  • Video

    Electrical safety in the agriculture industry

    Featuring Gavin Thompson from the Electrical Safety Office.

  • Video

    Electrical safety in rental properties webinar 2021

    This year’s recording of the livestreamed summit includes electrical industry leaders focusing on workforce competency.

  • Video

    Influencing the supply chain through partnerships

    Regson Fabrication is a small steel fabrication business with a strong commitment to workplace health and wellbeing. The Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital site is one of their larger projects, where they have influenced Lendlease and subcontractors with their health and wellbeing initiatives.

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    Safely loading and unloading elevating work platforms

    This film explains how to control the risks of loading and unloading elevating work platforms (EWPs) onto tilt trays.

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    Chemical security for small business owners and managers

    This film provides general advice to small business employers involved in the sale of chemicals of security concern. Train your staff to be chemical security aware.

  • Video

    Port of Brisbane - work health strengthens your business

    Port of Brisbane shares their experience with work health and wellbeing and how it has helped strengthen their businesses.

  • Video

    Jason Daniels' story – surviving an electric shock from overhead powerlines

    Jason was only 17 years old when the grain auger he was moving contacted overhead powerlines and he received a serious electric shock.

  • Video

    Safe bat handling

    This film discusses the importance of training in the safe handling of bats and wearing personal protective equipment.

  • Video

    Managing hazardous manual tasks

    Ensuring health and safety by good work design is essential to maintaining your business’s productivity and success, its safety record, and to engage and motivate your workers through positive interaction.

  • Video

    Selecting the right respiratory equipment

    When respiratory protective equipment is required as part of a hazard control strategy, it is critical it is selected and used appropriately to ensure the required levels of protection are being achieved for all workers.