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    The right support makes all the difference to recovery

    Youth Support Worker Steve Coleman suffered high burnout over a protracted period when working in the youth sector dealing with complex, trauma-based behaviours in young people.

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    ALL ABOARD! Greyhound’s journey to improve safety

    Follow Greyhound’s journey to improve safety. Greyhound’s participation in the Injury Prevention and Management Program (IPaM), has resulted in a significant drop in injury rates and improved their workplace safety culture. Check out this new film to see how Greyhound's commitment to safety could help at your workplace.

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    Clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of work related mental health conditions

    In this webinar Professor Danielle Mazza from Monash University will discuss the importance of managing mental illness and what they are doing to produce clinical guidelines to assist in the area.

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    Crate to crate - A solution for cross loading cattle

    This film showcases an industry-led solution to a work health and safety problem.

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    Safe systems to immobilise heavy vehicles and trailers

    The film shows how to safely immobilise trucks and trailers to prevent your workers being crushed or hit while working on them or nearby.

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    Safely immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers webinar

    Queensland workers have been seriously injured or killed from a heavy vehicle or trailer not being effectively immobilised. This webinar hosted provided background on the 2016 "safely immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers" campaign. This webinar includes known risks, suggests control measures and resources available for the transport industry.

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    Good work design

    Ensuring health and safety by good work design is essential to maintaining your business's productivity and success, its safety record, and to engage and motivate your workers through positive interaction.

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    The right start - building safe work for young workers

    As a supervisor or manager of a young worker, you have the greatest influence on their attitude to work safety. This means ensuring an appropriate level of supervision relevant to the tasks that they are performing.

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    PErforM used by Council of the City of Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast Council implemented the Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks (PErforM) program into its business, and has seen some great benefits as a result.

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    Using drones to improve safety and efficiency in cattle yards

    As a farmer, business owner and Queensland Safety Ambassador, Shane Webcke knows first-hand how important it is to prioritise safe work and innovation on farms. Shane and Byron Wolff from Thompson Longhorn discuss how flying drones above stockyards provides real time information on cattle handing, and how the data provided can improve animal flow and worker safety.

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    Electrical and asbestos safety in rental properties webinar

    Watch the electrical and asbestos safety in rental properties webinar, designed for landlords and property managers.