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    Mendi Construction

  • Video

    Workplace bullying: Issues at common law

    WorkCover hosted a webinar presented by Bill Rogers from Crown Law on Wednesday 27 August 2014.

  • Video

    Griffith University

  • Video

    Hyne Timber

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category one winner – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

  • Video

    Introduction to workplace health and safety

    A trailer showing how Workplace Health and Safety Queensland assists industry in reducing injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

  • Video

    Buildsafe Queensland

  • Video

    Safety fundamentals - consultation

    Workplace consultation is essential to managing health and safety risks in your workplace. This two-way exchange between you and your workers has benefits to you, your business and your workers by establishing openness, respect and trust.

  • Video

    Influencing the safety of young workers

    Explore how an understanding of the mind and risk profiles of young workers can influence their health, safety and return to work.

  • Video

    Case study – Integrating health, safety and wellbeing

    Hear insights from Ben Saal, General Manager Health, Safety and Environment, Powerlink Queensland, on the integration of health safety and wellbeing and how this approach can lead to improved safety, return to work and business outcomes. This presentation was part of the Healthy Work Design forum held on 22 March 2023.

  • Video

    Emotionally challenging work – managing the risk

    Mentally healthy workplaces build and maintain work practices, which promote and support positive mental health and minimise the risk of psychological injury. They benefit workers, their families, the wider community and in broader terms, the efficiency and profitability of businesses and industry.

  • Video

    Shine Lawyers

    Work Well Awards 2023 Category five winner – Best commitment to work health and wellbeing

  • Video

    2021 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards Ceremony

    2021 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards ceremony.