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    Health and wellbeing at work films

    This series of short films focus on how workers can improve their health and wellbeing by making small changes and healthy lifestyle choices to improve fatigue and stress.

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    How Recover@Work helped Kylie get better

    “The host company was a very important part of my rehabilitation.” Kylie shares her Recover@Work experience.

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    Gathering information for a common law claim

    If you have decided to proceed with a common law claim, the next step is gathering information to support your claim.

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    Let's work on mentally healthy workplaces

    Let’s work on building the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of workers to be resilient and thrive at work.

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    Shining the light on workplace health conditions

    Hear from Dr Elizabeth Pritchard, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University, on the latest research around work health and chronic disease, and the impacts this can have on workers. This presentation was part of the Healthy Work Design forum held on 22 March 2023.

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    Regulating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

    This livestreamed session explores common event based and accumulative psychosocial hazards and factors in the design or management of work that increases the risk of psychological or physical harm, the types of controls you could consider and what ‘reasonably practicable’ means.

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    Workplace bullying: Legislative requirements

    In a webinar presented on 11 June 2014, Shane Stockill, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, provided businesses with practical guidance and assistance on how to identify and manage the risks of bullying in their workplace.

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    The evolving role of safety leaders, Dom O’Brien

    Discover how leaders not only embrace, but also set themselves up for success in a landscape that is constantly changing.

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    Current and emerging occupational lung diseases

    Despite the widespread belief that occupational lung disorders have been largely prevented, there are disturbing trends worldwide about the re-emergence of traditional dust diseases and description of new lung diseases from new exposures.

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    Hand injuries rehabilitation and timeframes

    Hands are complex. Dr Cameron Mackay, hand surgeon and plastic reconstructive surgeon explains the doctor’s role in managing hand injuries.

  • Video

    Building bridges – Jed's story

    Building bridges tells the story of Jed Millen, who experienced a career-ending and permanent back injury after a bridge deck collapse.

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    Mendi Construction