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    Safely loading and unloading elevating work platforms

    This film explains how to control the risks of loading and unloading elevating work platforms (EWPs) onto tilt trays.

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    Chemical security for small business owners and managers

    This film provides general advice to small business employers involved in the sale of chemicals of security concern. Train your staff to be chemical security aware.

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    Port of Brisbane - work health strengthens your business

    Port of Brisbane shares their experience with work health and wellbeing and how it has helped strengthen their businesses.

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    Jason Daniels' story – surviving an electric shock from overhead powerlines

    Jason was only 17 years old when the grain auger he was moving contacted overhead powerlines and he received a serious electric shock.

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    Safe bat handling

    This film discusses the importance of training in the safe handling of bats and wearing personal protective equipment.

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    Managing hazardous manual tasks

    Ensuring health and safety by good work design is essential to maintaining your business’s productivity and success, its safety record, and to engage and motivate your workers through positive interaction.

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    Selecting the right respiratory equipment

    When respiratory protective equipment is required as part of a hazard control strategy, it is critical it is selected and used appropriately to ensure the required levels of protection are being achieved for all workers.

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    Preventing dust from entering mobile and fixed plant cabins

    The re-identification of CWP among Queensland coal mine workers and, more recently, the increase in cases of silicosis among engineered stone workers has reminded us all of the hazards associated with exposure to respirable dust and silica.

  • Video

    ON Series: Leadership in rehabilitation and return to work

    A new ON Series webcast for business and return to work coordinators is now available to view online.

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    Mobile computer work

    Mobile computer work presents more challenges to keep safe postures. Find out how to improve comfort and safety when you're working on the road or out of the office.

  • Video

    Setting up your workstation

    The right chair is only one part of creating a good workstation setup. Other elements include your desk, computer, monitors, mouse, keyboard, lighting, headset and footrest.

  • Video

    Visual comfort for computer work

    Using digital devices can contribute to visual fatigue and discomfort such as headaches and sore eyes. You may also find yourself in more awkward postures so you can properly see your work, which can lead to neck pain and injury.