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    ON Series: Reasonable adjustments & mental health conditions

    With one in five workers likely to experience a mental health condition at any time (whether resulting from a workplace injury or not), it is important that businesses have a strategy to support these workers and help them return to work.

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    Hazardous chemicals register

    Workplaces with hazardous chemicals need to keep a register for use by workers.

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    Fatigue Management - Mental Health Week 2019

    Fatigue Management, Professor Drew Dawson - Mental Health Week 2019.

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    Consultation and collaboration with health and safety representatives

    Good consultation with your workers improves health and safety. One way you can consult with your workers on these issues is through health and safety representatives (HSRs). They represent the health and safety interests of a work group and can raise these issues with their employer.

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    Too fast, too soon – Domenic’s story

    Too fast, too soon shares Domenic Cocco's story, who was just seven when he suffered life-threatening injuries after crashing his quad bike.

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    Interstate insurance and labour hire injury claims: who is liable?

    Damian Hinkley and Damien Jarrett from Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers joins us for this October 2019 webinar discussing interstate insurance and labour hire injury claims.

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    Using the safety capability resources

    By undertaking the Safety capability survey, organisations will be sent a report that analyses their results and will provide practical steps and advice on some actions you can take to improve your safety capability.

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    How safety capability was developed

    Hear from Dr Tristan Casey as he explains how safety capability was developed through a collaborative approach with academic institutions, peer reviews and many different stakeholders.

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    Developing suitable duties to support a worker with psychological injury

    In this webinar you will hear from industry experts on developing suitable duties to support a worker with a psychological injury. The speakers will take you through using an integrated approach to exploring psychological hazards which can increase the risk of harm and key elements of successful rehabilitation and return to work. They will also include some examples of effective suitable duties to support a worker with respect to staying at work or returning to work.