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    High risk work assessor portal – Creating and nominating an assessment event notification

    This instructional video shows you how to create a new assessment event notification (AEN) and how to nominate an AEN to an assessor in the high risk work assessor portal.

  • Video

    Child safety in home workplaces

    Your home business can be as dangerous as any other workplace – how are you protecting your kids?

  • Video

    Changing focus – Gavan's story

    Changing focus follows Gavan McGuane's story. He was blinded after a workplace incident where he tripped and fell onto a beer keg.

  • Video

    Scott's story

    When Scott injured his thumb on a machine at work, having support from his family, WorkCover and his employer helped him get back to work and a sense of normality.

  • Video

    Sandy's story

    Townsville aged care nurse Sandra's resilience, together with support from WorkCover and her employer, helped her to get back to work after an injury.

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    John's story

    Making the roads safer is Senior Constable John Kenworthy’s passion – in fact, since joining the Queensland Police Service and becoming a motorcycle traffic officer, he has built a career around it.

  • Video

    Warren's story

    For Warren Adams, a line haul driver and a 30-year veteran of the road transport industry, trucking is more than a vocation.

  • Video

    Craig's story

    Craig suffered serious injuries to his back, ribs and pelvis when he fell from a ladder at work.

  • Video

    Richard's story

    Richard was seriously injured in November 2021 when he came off his e-scooter while commuting to work at a hobby shop.

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    Webinar series

    Explore the recorded live digital events to find out more about safety in the electrical industry.

  • Video

    Asbestos safety session 2022

    This safety session was held on Tuesday 22 November 2022 and covered topics relevant to both businesses and the community.

  • Video

    Don't double

    Doubling on a single-seat quad bike increases the risk of a rollover.