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    Preventing dust from entering mobile and fixed plant cabins

    The re-identification of CWP among Queensland coal mine workers and, more recently, the increase in cases of silicosis among engineered stone workers has reminded us all of the hazards associated with exposure to respirable dust and silica.

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    ON Series: Leadership in rehabilitation and return to work

    A new ON Series webcast for business and return to work coordinators is now available to view online.

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    Mobile computer work

    Mobile computer work presents more challenges to keep safe postures. Find out how to improve comfort and safety when you're working on the road or out of the office.

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    Setting up your workstation

    The right chair is only one part of creating a good workstation setup. Other elements include your desk, computer, monitors, mouse, keyboard, lighting, headset and footrest.

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    Visual comfort for computer work

    Using digital devices can contribute to visual fatigue and discomfort such as headaches and sore eyes. You may also find yourself in more awkward postures so you can properly see your work, which can lead to neck pain and injury.

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    Selecting and adjusting your chair

    Selecting the right chair for you is the first step in setting up your workstation.

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    On-tool dust extraction for dry concrete drilling, cutting and grinding operations in construction

    When managing the issue of dust generated during concrete shaping operations in construction, the full hierarchy of controls needs to be considered, from design all the way through to protective personal equipment. Presented by Dr Martin Stirling.

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    Industrial ventilation: Silica

    Industrial ventilation is one of the major engineering interventions to minimise toxic exposures to dusts and ranks part the way down the hierarchy of controls but must be considered before other approaches like dust masks are contemplated.

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    Removing barriers to lung health and compliance issues

    In this presentation, recorded at the Healthy Lungs Forum in November 2019, Tristan explores an evidence-based model of behaviour change that is well-established and a proven driver of change over the past 30 years across a range of industries and workplace settings.

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    PErforM overview: Controlling the risks of hazardous manual tasks

    The PErforM webinar, hosted by WorkCover Queensland and presented by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ), provided attendees with an introduction to how PErforM is used to control hazardous manual tasks.

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    Glen's story

    Glen Bennett's life changed after he was involved in an horrific truck crash. Having strong family connections, support from WorkCover and NIISQ and goal-setting have been crucial to his positive mindset and ongoing recovery.

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    High risk work assessor portal – Assessor portal documents

    In this instructional video you will be shown the new assessor portal documents in the high risk work assessor portal.