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  • Video

    Healthy Work Design forum: Extended Q&A session

    The speakers from the Healthy Work Design forum share further insights in an extended Q&A session following the breakfast event.

  • Video

    What you need to do if you have a claim for damages

    In this webinar recording, host Tim Loos from WorkCover Queensland welcomes guest presenter Cameron Seymour from Mullins Lawyers, who discusses an employer’s obligations during damages claims.

  • Video

    The safety capability tools

    The safety capability project provides access to the Safety capability survey plus a suite of tools and resources that organisations can use to support their improvement efforts.

  • Video

    What is safety capability

    Hear from Dr Tristan Casey as he explains what safety capability is and how organisations cope with and manage workplace health and safety when faced with things like uncertainty and high risk in their operating environments.

  • Video

    Why do we need safety capability

    Dr Tristan Casey explains what safety capability is and how it is designed to overcome challenges in the modern workplace.

  • Video

    Using the safety capability resources

    By undertaking the Safety capability survey, organisations will be sent a report that analyses their results and will provide practical steps and advice on some actions you can take to improve your safety capability.

  • Video

    How safety capability was developed

    Hear from Dr Tristan Casey as he explains how safety capability was developed through a collaborative approach with academic institutions, peer reviews and many different stakeholders.

  • Video

    What can businesses access to build safety capability

    Hear about the three areas of focus, access dedicated webpages on the WorkSafe Queensland website including resources and tools and the Safety capability survey available to workplaces.

  • Video

    Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice 2022

    Commencement date: 1 April 2023
    Varied date: 27 January 2023
  • Video

    People at Work

    People at Work is a validated psychosocial risk assessment survey to help organisations identify the most common psychosocial hazards in their workplace, causing both psychological and physical harm.

  • Video

    Julia Bunn video

    Rehabilitation and return to work plans for psychological injuries.

  • Video

    Dr Sarah Cotton video

    No time for health: New ways to support small business owners and their people around mental health and wellbeing.