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  • Video

    How to unlock the health and safety representative

    Andrea Fox and Johanna Sutherland from the Office of Industrial Relations discuss the legislative changes that are coming in Queensland, how we work with health and safety representatives (HSRs), as well as dispelling some common misconceptions about the role.

  • Video

    Controlling noise in the workplace (Marion Burgess AM)

    Marion Burgess AM discusses the effects of high noise exposure and why it is essential to manage and protect workers from excessive noise.

  • Video

    Let's work on mentally healthy workplaces

    Let’s work on building the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of workers to be resilient and thrive at work.

  • Video

    Disclosure in Common Law Claims

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland Senior Lawyer, Tim Loos, welcomes guest presenters Kirsten Weber and Elizabeth Bainbridge-Brown of Jensen McConaghy Lawyers, to discuss why it is important for employers to disclose relevant information and documents to WorkCover Queensland for the management of a common law claim.

  • Video

    High Court case examining vicarious liability

    In this pre-recorded webinar video, WorkCover Queensland Senior Lawyer, Tim Loos, sits down with Chris Murphy, Special Counsel at Cooper Grace Ward, to discuss the details of the case of CCIG Investments Pty Ltd v Schokman and to delve into the topic of vicarious liability and its relevance for employers.

  • Video

    Medical assessment tribunal

    Medical assessment tribunals make independent expert medical decisions about work-related injury or impairment. This video explains the medical assessment tribunal process for workers.

  • Video

    John's story

    Making the roads safer is Senior Constable John Kenworthy’s passion – in fact, since joining the Queensland Police Service and becoming a motorcycle traffic officer, he has built a career around it.

  • Video

    Tips for developing suitable duties for a safe return to work

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland host and co-presenter Tim Meadows, Specialist Lead Return to Work, welcomes guest presenter Michelle Maclean, Occupational Therapist, to discuss the benefits of offering suitable duties to injured workers and to outline what goes into developing a suitable duties plan.

  • Video

    Personal injury case law year in review 2022-23

    In this webinar recording, host Tim Loos from WorkCover Queensland welcomes guest presenter Angela Brookes from law firm Hall & Wilcox, who discusses some significant decisions on liability claims from the past financial year.

  • Video

    Glen's story

    Glen Bennett's life changed after he was involved in an horrific truck crash. Having strong family connections, support from WorkCover and NIISQ and goal-setting have been crucial to his positive mindset and ongoing recovery.

  • Video

    Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards Code of Practice livestream recording

    Managing psychosocial hazards and risks at work is just as important as managing physical risks. Psychosocial hazards can exist in every workplace, in every industry, every day.

  • Video

    Understanding premium calculation: Ways to minimise your premium

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland presenters Juan Danga and Melanie Stojanovic, discuss the ins and outs of premium calculation and how an employer could minimise their premium.