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  • Video

    Occupational Violence: What are the Courts telling us?

    Scott Falvey from McInnes Wilson Lawyers discusses occupational violence and reviews recent court judgements from the QIRC and State Courts (August 2019).

  • Video

    The importance of comprehensive incident reporting

    Ross McConaghy from Jensen McConaghy Lawyers discusses the importance of comprehensive incident reporting

  • Video

    The Health Benefits of Work and Suitable Duties webinar

    Recent research has shown that work has important health and wellbeing benefits. WorkCover Queensland will discuss why it is important to return to work and the benefits.

  • Video

    Occupational cancers masterclass

    Callum Robertson is a Cancer Prevention Advisor with Cancer Council Queensland, and in this masterclass discusses occupational cancers and carcinogens. Carolyn Topping, Occupational Hygienist with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland talks about the legislative framework in place to address cancer risks in Queensland workplaces.

  • Video

    How common law claims are determined and a review of recent workers compensation cases

    Damien van Brunschot, Principal Lawyer from DWF and John Kinnane, Corporate Solicitor from WorkCover Queensland discuss how common law claims are determined and a review of recent workers compensation cases (May 2019).

  • Video

    Health, safety and workers' compensation for small businesses

    As a small business, we know there are lots of things you need to be thinking about. This webinar aims to give you useful information to help you with any insurance or work-related injury questions, so you can get on with running your business.

  • Video

    Prevention and management of work-related violence - Mental Health Week 2018

    This presentation is on the prevention and management of work related violence.

  • Video

    Emotionally challenging work – managing the risk

    Mentally healthy workplaces build and maintain work practices, which promote and support positive mental health and minimise the risk of psychological injury. They benefit workers, their families, the wider community and in broader terms, the efficiency and profitability of businesses and industry.

  • Video

    Good work design for young workers

    The 'Good work design for young workers' webinar focused on influencers of health and safety for young people at work. You can listen and watch the webinar recording or view the presentation slides and transcript.

  • Video

    Engaging with your workers

    In this webinar presentation, David Whitefield, Director of People and Risk, will apply principles of social psychology to explore social arrangements in the workplace (including culture, language and leadership). You will learn how people make sense of risk, and how you can harness and shape this understanding to more effectively engage workers and increase their participation in workplace health and safety systems.

  • Video

    Workstations – sit less and move more in Queensland workplaces

    This 56min webinar discusses: the health risks of too much sitting; the relationship between sitting and exercise; strategies to reduce sitting time in workplaces; resources that are available.

  • Video

    The link between MSDs and psychosocial risk factors

    In this webinar presentation, Dr Jodi Oakman, Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University (LTU), will give an overview of current research evidence relating to the causes of MSDs, including the impact of psychosocial hazards. Additionally, she will present some of the findings from research currently being undertaken at LTU and discuss potential changes to the way MSD risks are managed.