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  • Video

    ON Series: Workplace violence and mental health

    Michael O'Hanlon from Beyondblue introduces the topic of workplace violence and the effects it has in the workplace and for workers returning to work.

  • Video

    ON Series: Workplace bullying and mental health

    Michael O'Hanlon from Beyondblue introduces the topic of workplace bullying and the barriers workers are faced with when returning to work.

  • Video

    ON Series: Hand injuries for small businesses

    Hand injuries are the most common for employees working in small businesses. Dr Cameron Mackay, hand surgeon and plastic reconstructive surgeon explains the complexities of rehabilitation for hand injuries.

  • Video

    ON Series: Endeavour - two key changes to get workers back to work faster

    In this webinar Yvonne Paye, Manager for Injury Management at the Endeavor Foundation discusses how the Endeavour Foundation manage injuries in the workplace and promote their ‘Recover at work program'.

  • Video

    Coupling and decoupling trailers safely

    Safe coupling and de-coupling of trailers can be unsuccessful and result from poor maintenance, mechanical failure, operator error and can result in a dropped trailer either on-site or on a public road. This film instructs truck operators how to safely couple and de-couple trailers.

  • Video

    Safely securing loads of trucks

    Securing truck loads using over-centre tensioning devices (known as ‘dogs’) with extension or ‘cheater’ bars is dangerous. The film explains how to control the risks when securing loads on trucks using safer devices.

  • Video

    Making sense of workers' compensation - small business webinar

    Why is WorkCover insurance so important? How does it protect your business, and your employees? What's included in your policy? Watch this short webinar to find out more.

  • Video

    Early interventions for musculoskeletal disorders

    Understanding and implementing early interventions for musculoskeletal injuries can assist in better return to work outcomes. This workers' Compensation Regulator webinar is presented by Michael Donovan who discusses: the background of musculoskeletal disorders, injury, pain and early intervention, the levels of prevention and intervention, key components of successful intervention.

  • Video

    How to create a mentally healthy workplace culture and reduce stigma

    With one in five workers likely to experience a mental health condition at any time (whether resulting from a workplace injury or not), it is important that businesses have a strategy to support these workers and help them return to work.

  • Video

    Preventing workers falling from trucks

    This workers’ Compensation Regulator webinar outlines the purpose of suitable duties programs and how they can assist in getting better return to work outcomes.

  • Video

    A Current Affair Melting Man

    This story shows the tragic consequences that can occur if heat strain factors are not adequately controlled. Story provided to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland courtesy of the Nine Network's A Current Affair program.

  • Video

    Safely immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers webinar

    Queensland workers have been seriously injured or killed from a heavy vehicle or trailer not being effectively immobilised. This webinar hosted provided background on the 2016 "safely immobilising heavy vehicles and trailers" campaign. This webinar includes known risks, suggests control measures and resources available for the transport industry.