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  • Video

    Chemical security for employees

    This film provides general advice to small business employees involved in the sale of chemicals of security concern. What are some suspicious behaviour to look out for? If you suspect it, report it to the National Security Hotline.

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    Chemical security for small business owners and managers

    This film provides general advice to small business employers involved in the sale of chemicals of security concern. Train your staff to be chemical security aware.

  • Video

    Prevention and management of work-related violence - Mental Health Week 2018

    This presentation is on the prevention and management of work related violence.

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    Mentally healthy workplaces in the retail sector

    On 15 November 2017, LeadingWell Queensland held their third event in Brisbane which focused on promoting mentally healthy workplaces in the retail sector.

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    Emotionally challenging work – managing the risk

    Mentally healthy workplaces build and maintain work practices, which promote and support positive mental health and minimise the risk of psychological injury. They benefit workers, their families, the wider community and in broader terms, the efficiency and profitability of businesses and industry.

  • Video

    Good work design for young workers

    The 'Good work design for young workers' webinar focused on influencers of health and safety for young people at work. You can listen and watch the webinar recording or view the presentation slides and transcript.

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    Engaging with your workers

    In this webinar presentation, David Whitefield, Director of People and Risk, will apply principles of social psychology to explore social arrangements in the workplace (including culture, language and leadership). You will learn how people make sense of risk, and how you can harness and shape this understanding to more effectively engage workers and increase their participation in workplace health and safety systems.

  • Video

    Workstations – sit less and move more in Queensland workplaces

    This 56min webinar discusses: the health risks of too much sitting; the relationship between sitting and exercise; strategies to reduce sitting time in workplaces; resources that are available.

  • Video

    The link between MSDs and psychosocial risk factors

    In this webinar presentation, Dr Jodi Oakman, Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University (LTU), will give an overview of current research evidence relating to the causes of MSDs, including the impact of psychosocial hazards. Additionally, she will present some of the findings from research currently being undertaken at LTU and discuss potential changes to the way MSD risks are managed.

  • Video

    ON Series: Overcoming barriers after a near death injury

    Bruce O'Grady was crushed in a forklift incident and suffered four fractured vertebrae, collapsed lungs, a broken pelvis, fractured ribs, damaged spleen and liver, crushed nerves from the waist down and partial bowel removal, as well as ongoing complications. Bruce's determination to return to work resulted in him receiving the Injured worker achievement award as part of the 2017 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards.

  • Video

    Minor injuries add up! Simple solutions to reduce your injuries and costs

    Simple solutions to reduce your injuries and costs. Presenters are Peter Westcott (Principal Inspector, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland),Cameron Mackay (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon), Brent Cunningham (Exercise Physiologist, Konekt), Ross McConaghy (partner, Jensen McConaghy Lawyer).

  • Video

    ON Series: Workplace violence and mental health

    Michael O'Hanlon from Beyondblue introduces the topic of workplace violence and the effects it has in the workplace and for workers returning to work.