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Warren's story

Warren Adams: I've got four kids and 12 grandkids, mate, and trying to be Superman one weekend last year. Could have gone, the lot.

I don't remember exactly what happened. I had a nod and then ended up in a culvert after rolling the truck. I was pinned in the truck for four hours with my arm between the bridge and the vehicle. They pulled me out and yeah, flew to Townsville.

Jason Perin: That early communication is really important and making sure that that communication and the empathy that you're demonstrating is genuine.

Warren Adams: While I was down in Brisbane. I had some of the the big wigs from here phoning up from Scotts. They called while I was in hospital. I talked with them which was really cool. I had never met these people like, you know, in person and they're going out of the way to give me a call.

Jason Perin: For somebody that's gone through something as significant as he has, to see where he currently is has just been amazing. At the moment, he's not driving and it's not something that we could get him back into at any point early on.

We still got him back onto the depot doing very minimal duties, but mainly for his mental health and being there to see his comrades, see his colleagues, see his boss, his manager, be able to have some sort of normality in his life as opposed to sitting at home and reiterating everything that's happened and going over and over and over again.

Warren Adams: I go around and I talk to drivers about you know, looking after themselves, putting themselves before the job is probably the best way to put it. As far as truck drivers go, the load's more important than they are. Getting there on time, keeping the customer happy is way ahead of self preservation. And, and that's all cool until it's not.

Jason Perin: People value what he says and if he can help us spread that safety message that's genuine and not scripted and comes from his heart and that's exactly what we want and by him explaining that to our drivers and going through and giving his story, you can see it hits home. You can see the little change in their eyes when they see what he's talking about.

Warren Adams: Workcover is just amazing. They've got access to all the people that know exactly what to do. And if you've got a team that are willing to do everything they can to help you get back to work and these people don't know you. Everything they threw at me is, you know treatments, occupational therapists, surgeon just… you'd be an idiot not to, you really would.