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High risk work assessor portal – Cancelling assessment event notifications

This instructional video will show you how to cancel an assessment event in the high risk work assessor portal.

Download a copy of this film (MP4, 15MB)

In this video, we'll be covering the cancellation of assessment events in the high risk work assessment portal.

So we'll be covering the RTO, the assessor and also in progress assessment events. We'll start off with the RTO as this is the simplest.

So an RTO can cancel an assessment event providing that it's a new or nominated status. If you need to cancel an assessment event it's pretty simple.

The button will be in the bottom right corner. If you select cancel, you'll get a confirmation. If you select yes, that will cancel that assessment event. You'll notice that the AEN status will be updated to cancelled and nothing else will be available.

So you can hit the back button, head back to your home page and continue on with a different task.

If we now switch over to an assessor. Now we're looking at an assessment event through an assessor perspective in a planned status.

So this assessment event has dates, times, locations and has a candidate, which they've allocated previously. And if we need to cancel this assessment event it's much the same process we can select the cancel AEN button. Once we do so we need to provide a reason. We can choose inclement weather in this case.

And if we cancel, we'll get a notification that it's been successfully cancelled. The RTO will receive a notification in this case that the assessment event is cancelled. And likewise on the previous one.

Now a follow on from this is that an assessment event can also be cancelled after it started.

However, this looks a little bit different. So if we head over to our home page, using assessment events and we choose an assessment event number. We'll have a search and we've got an in progress assessment event here that we want to cancel.

So if we view that assessment event, you'll notice that there's no longer a cancel button. For an assessor to cancel an in-progress assessment event, they need to do it through the finalised results buttons.

If we select finalised knowledge, we can select the outcome as cancelled, and then we'll need to provide a reason. So we'll choose inclement weather again, select the save button. Select, yes, if we then scroll down we can do much the same for calculations.

Select cancelled, select inclement weather. Select yes.

And then our last one is the performance. So an important thing to note in this example is our performance is starting at a future date.

If you cancel an assessment type that is in a future date, you cannot revert that selection. So an example would be if our knowledge and calculations went ahead, we entered a result for knowledge and calculations decided that performance was not going ahead, we could cancel that performance but we could not revert that. So keep that in mind.

To cancel the performance, we just had over to finalised performance assessment. We can select cancelled, and we'll choose inclement weather, select the save button.

Okay, now, if we scroll all the way down, results entry is completed because we've chosen cancelled for all of our assessments. We'll save that. And once we've saved, we'll hit the complete button. So you'll get a confirmation.

Are you sure you want to complete this AEN? Nope. As there are no eligible candidates for the performance assessment the assessment will be automatically cancelled. We've done that manually. So we'll select the yes button.

And once we do, we can see that we've gotten to the candidate assessment summary results page and we've got a whole bunch of cancelled results here for our candidates.