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High risk work assessor portal – Assessor portal documents

In this instructional video you will be shown the new assessor portal documents in the high risk work assessor portal.

Download a copy of this film (MP4, 14MB)

In this video, we'll be taking a look at the new assessor portal documents.

So currently I'm logged in as the assessor, and this will be exactly the same for both an RTO user and an assessor.

You'll notice that once an assessment event has been planned in the top of the assessment event you'll have an assessment master list button and the assessment summaries button. If we select this assessment master list button, it should prompt us to download a PDF file and you can see it down here.

So we'll open that up. And once we do, we'll see the list of things that's shown on the master list.

So we can see the AEN number. We can see the high risk work class, the assessor which is us, the RTO, the knowledge, calculations and performance with their times, the dates the locations that we've selected and a full list of the candidates. In this case, it's only three.

The assessment master list is not a document that has to be used by any means, but it is an easy way to record knowledge, calculations, and performance start, finished times results, etc onsite, if you don't have a tablet handy if you're not taking your laptop or you haven't printed the candidate assessment summaries.

So you can use this, print it out and use it as a planner. Alternatively, an RTO that is assisting an assessor can print it out for them as a planner or they can keep it for their own records. Apart from the assessment master list, we close that.

The other button that will be available in the plan status will be the assessment summaries button. And again, keep in mind, this will be available for both an RTO user and an assessor. If we click the assessment summaries, we can see that we have our candidate assessment summary page and a download candidate assessment summary button.

Now we can select the selector at the top to select every single candidate. Alternatively, we can select candidates individually or any combination that we need to. Keep in mind that if you select every candidate it will download only one file with all of the candidate assessment summaries within it.

In our case, we'll just select the first candidate, hit the download candidate assessment summary button And you'll see, we'll get another PDF.

Once we open this PDF, you'll be presented with the new candidate assessment summary. This candidate assessment summary is a direct replacement for the AS1. And you'll see that we have the candidates assessment notification number in the top here with the candidate's name the class that it's for, the date of birth. In section B, we have assessment results.

So in our case here this candidate does have some previous assessment results. And this is the AEN where they obtain those.

If we head down to section C, we can see that we have the option to either issue this as a notice of satisfactory assessment or if candidate has not been competent, we can go ahead and do that. In section D we have the comments and the feedback, section E is for the assessment declaration, section F for the candidate declaration and the final two pages, will explain to the candidate how to apply for high-risk work license.