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Chemical security in the community

This film provides general advice to the community about suspicious behaviour relating to chemicals of security concern. Trust your instincts—if you suspect it, report it to the National Security Hotline.

[Image show footage of a news report being played. Sirens can be heard and a reporter 'these are the devastating scenes unfolding as emergency crews rush to tend to the wounded. The number of causalities is not yet known and the source of the blast is yet to be confirmed']

[Image changes to show Jackie watching the footage of the news report on a handheld device. The voice of the reporter continues to be heard 'police are currently seeking any information on a white van that could be related to the incident']

[Image shows Martin enter the room and sit down on a couch. The voice of the reporter continues to be heard 'if you or anyone you know have any information that could assist authorities with their investigation please call the number...']

Martin: Lost something?

Jackie: The people who moved in opposite, they had a van like this didn't they?

[Image shows Jackie handing Martin the handheld device she was watching. Footage of the vans actions appears on screen]

[Image shows the man in the van being stopped at a gate and another man reviewing a piece of paper the man in the van has passed to him]

Male: You know the date on here's for last week? I won't let you through if it's wrong next time.

[Image shows the man handing back the piece of paper to the man in the van and then van drives off]

[Image has changed back to show Martin on the couch watching the footage on the handheld device]

Martin: Yeah, I guess.

[Camera moves back to Jackie staring out the window. She shrugs her shoulders]

Jackie: I watched them coming and going.

[Image shows the van in the street and then changes to show the man in the van at a stove pouring and mixing things in big saucepans and then moves back to show Jackie and Martin]

Martin: What are you on about?

[Camera zooms in on Jackie and then moves back to show Martin]

But you don't think...

Jackie: Something seemed a bit odd and then the other day, when you ran past...

[Image shows footage of Martin running. As Martin bends down to catch his breath he spots an overflowing waste bin of empty containers of pool sanitiser outside of the house where the white van is parked. Martin looks at the house and walks away]

[Image shows Martin returning home and Jackie is seated at a table reading]

Good run?

Martin: Yeah... um... they don't have a swimming pool?

Jackie: Who?

Martin: Over the road. Seems strange to me that that they'd use all those chemicals.

[Image shows Jackie turning to look out a window]

[Image changes back to show the footage played at the beginning where there has been an explosion]

[Image changes back to show Jackie looking out the window and Martin walks over to her]

Jackie: I think... I think we should have called someone.

[Screen turns black and text appears on screen: Suspect it? Report it.]

[Logo and text appears on screen: If you suspect it report it, chemical security. National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00,,]

[Image changes to show the Commonwealth Coat of Arms with text: Australian Government]

RUN TIME: 1 min 58 sec