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Chemical security for small business owners and managers

This film provides general advice to small business employers involved in the sale of chemicals of security concern. Train your staff to be chemical security aware.

[Image shows footage of a news report being played. Sirens can be heard and a reporter 'these are the devastating scenes unfolding as emergency crews rush to tend to the wounded']

[Image changes to show Harry seated at a bar with a beer watching the footage on television. The voice of the reporter continues to be heard 'the number of causalities is not yet known and the source of the blast is yet to be confirmed, however, police will be mounting a full investigation']

[Image shows Tom the barman talking to Harry]

Tom: How does something like that happen?  Eh?  How do they put a bomb together?

Harry: You'd be surprised how easy it all is. Mate, even I could sell you the chemicals you need...

[Image shows Harry pausing and footage of the events that unfolded being played in reverse. A man can be seen getting into a white van and leaving a carpark]

[Image changes back to Harry and Tom at the bar]

Maybe it wasn't even sold to the bombers. I mean, if a bloke was a bit slack with his security...

[Image shows a man walking out of a garage and not securing the gate behind him. A hooded man enters and can be seen taking items of the shelf]

[Image changes to show Harry doing a stock take of items in a shop. He pauses when he gets to a spot where pool sanitiser has been knocked over and looks around the shop]

Tom: Well, you guys wouldn't be that hopeless Harry, not if you stocked dangerous kit, but the stuff you keep, it's harmless isn't it?

[Image changes to show a man at a stove pouring and mixing things in big saucepans and then changes back to Harry]

Harry: Why, because it doesn't have the word 'explosive' written on it?  Just take a look on the internet.

[Image changes to show the man looking at information on a computer screen and then back to Tom and Harry at the bar]

Tom: You'd have to be bloody careful then.

Harry: You're absolutely right.

Tom: Train your staff and everything I imagine?

Harry: Yes you're spot-on Tom, you're spot-on.

[Image changes to show Harry looking for something in an office. He opens a pamphlet entitled, Training: is your staff chemical security aware? Harry picks up the pamphlet and walks off]

[Image has changed back to Harry and Tom at the bar]

Harry: It's a wake-up call mate, I don't mind admitting.

[Image changes back to show the footage played at the beginning where there has been an explosion]

[Image changes to show Harry back in the store addressing his staff as he holds up the Training: is your staff chemical security aware? pamphlet]

Harry: If I can have your attention, please? I'm sure you've all seen the news.  So, here's what we're going to do.

[Screen turns black and text appears on screen: Are your employees chemical security aware?]

[Logo and text appears on screen: If you suspect it report it, chemical security. National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00,,]

[Image changes to show the Commonwealth Coat of Arms with text: Australian Government]

RUN TIME: 2 min 3 sec