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  • Hazardous chemicals - placard information and manifest quantities

    Hazardous chemicals - placard information and manifest quantities

  • Onsite traffic management self-assessment tool

    Use this self-assessment tool to review your existing risk management approach for traffic movement at your workplace. Six pages of prompts and a one page reference and guide.

  • PErforM Risk Assessment Tool

    PErforM - Participative Ergonomics for manual-tasks

  • Tools

    These four statistics-based tools can help you manage your business. They are time-lost claims by year and industry, the industry comparative calculator, the return on investment calculator and the eTools that help you develop effective risk controls and identify the financial benefits that follow.

  • People at work

    People at Work is a psychosocial risk assessment process to help identify and manage risks to the psychological health at work.

  • Safety fundamentals tool

    This toolkit is for small businesses, including sole traders, and will help you understand your legal obligations and comply with the law to create a safer, healthier and more successful business.

  • Return on investment calculator

    The return on investment (ROI) calculator is a tool that assists organisations to estimate an indicative return on their investments in work health and safety (WHS). It provides an indication of whether a particular investment (e.g. a new piece of equipment or an employee wellbeing program) will improve an organisation’s bottom line.

  • Evaluation of permanent impairment trained assessors register

    A current register of permanent impairment trained assessors

  • Asbestos assessors

    A regularly updated list of asbestos assessors.

  • Demolition licence holders

    A current list of licence holders.

  • Asbestos A class licence holders

    An up to date list off A Class Asbestos licence holders in Queensland.