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  • Employer found liable for a lumbar spine injury

    The plaintiff suffered an injury to her lumbar spine while lifting a load from a low pallet to a sheft on 28 April 2019.

  • Tamara's story

    Tamara shared with us what motivates her to foster a supportive return to work culture and help YFS employees when they are injured.

  • Keith and Thomas’s Story

    Iceworld CEO Keith shares how he turned things around for both Thomas and the business in this case study.

  • Banana labourer’s damage reduced for contributory negligence, pre-existing conditions and sporadic work history

    Mr Longbottom was a labourer who was 35 years old at trial. He alleged he sustained right hip, right shoulder and secondary psychological injuries when the top of the banana tree (and the bunch of bananas) being harvested fell on the plaintiff.

  • Worker unsuccessfully appeals court's initial finding that she was not bullied at work

    Robertson v State of Queensland, 7 May 2021. The Court of Appeal has dismissed a worker's appeal against the District Court of Queensland's judgement that she was not bullied during her time as a nurse.

  • Causation, quantum

    Mr Tyndall was a right handed coal miner who was 50 years old at trial. He alleged he sustained a vibration induced white finger syndrome on his left ring finger as a result of driving two specific types of loaders over a period of time between 1 September 2015 to 1 May 2016.

  • Employers need to consider the health and safety of those at work outside of normal hours

    In the recent judgement of Walker v Greenmountain Food Processing Pty Ltd [2020] QSC 329, the Supreme Court of Queensland found an employer liable for the loss and damage suffered by a worker who sustained serious injuries after falling through a roof at dusk while investigating an issue with a boiler.

  • The home: another place of employment where workplace injuries can occur

    Working from home creates an additional place of employment in which the employer must take steps to do what is reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of their workers.

  • Safety leadership and culture stories

    Hear from safety leaders sharing their experience building and maintaining a positive safety culture in their workplace.

  • IPAM films

    These films showcase the Injury Prevention and Management program and highlight benefits for employers.

  • Plaintiff awarded damages after Q-fever diagnosis

    A 57 year old supervisor/carpenter working on a school farm was diagnosed with Q-Fever in January 2012, that has since developed into Q-Fever Debility Syndrome. The worker, who has been unable to return to work, claimed damages from his employer and from the State of Queensland as the controller of the school/school farm.

  • Injury Prevention and Management case studies

    Case Studies to help employers establish and maintain effective injury prevention and management systems.