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Declaring wages for labour hire companies

As a labour hire company, your premium is calculated based on the wages information you supply.

You may hire out workers to a number of industries at different times. Every accident insurance policy has a WorkCover Industry Classification (WIC) code, which is used to calculate the risk and performance of each industry.

WorkCover has twenty specialised WorkCover Industry Classifications (WICs) for labour hire businesses. When you declare wages for your labour hire workers, you will need to locate the business activities for your clients, to assign it to one of the twenty labour hire WICs.

Determine a business activity

There are a few steps to follow to work out the business activity for each of your clients.

Part A: Verify their policy and business activity

  1. Follow this link to verify the WorkCover policy for each client
  2. You’ll need to have their ABN to type into the ABN search
  3. Follow the prompts to check they are covered
  4. Their business WIC will appear – take a note of this.

Once you’ve got this information, you’ll move onto the next part, detailed below.

If you’re unable to locate the WIC for your client, or you are unsure of their primary business activity, please contact WorkCover on 1300 362 128 so we can help you.

Part B: Assign the correct Labour hire WIC and declare your wages

  1. Go to the table of Labour Hire codes
  2. Search this table using the client WIC – as noted from Part A above
  3. Once the WIC is located, column three will provide the 'industry'
  4. When completing your declaration, enter the wages for your labour hire workers next to the industry located in step 3
  5. Enter the wages paid to your company’s own workers using WIC 721236 Contract Staff Services (Own Administration Staff).

You'll need to declare your wages each year when you pay your premium.

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