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The Farm safety calendar competition

Farm safety calendar competition

Queensland primary school students were encouraged to draw and colour a picture to illustrate a farm safety message. Winners were announced in October 2023.

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Learning outcomes

Queensland primary school students were encouraged to draw and colour a picture to illustrate a farm safety message. The 12 winning entrants receive a $250 gift card, and $500 for their school!

The Farm safety calendar competition raises awareness among primary school students and their communities of common hazards on farms and other rural properties. The published calendar is an opportunity for safety messages to be prominently displayed in the home throughout the year, reminding Queenslanders of all ages to work and play safely on farm properties.

Students were asked to draw and colour a picture that illustrates one farm safety message (see below). Students must have submitted their entry on the competition template.

When speaking to students about farm safety and the competition, discuss each of the risks, why they are dangerous and how the risks can be controlled to keep them safe. Also talk about why it is important to talk to an adult if they feel unsafe or see something unsafe.

Safety messages

Electrical safety

  • Overhead powerlines are dangerous. Don’t play, park equipment, operate machinery, or plant trees or crops under them.
  • Safety switches save lives—ask an adult to get them fitted on all electrical circuits and test them regularly.

Animal safety

  • Make sure you are properly trained and understand animal behaviour before entering a stock yard.
  • Always wash your hands after touching or playing with animals as they carry diseases that can make people very sick.

Tractor and machinery safety

  • Have a safe, fenced play area to keep children safe from machinery and water hazards.
  • Don’t have passengers on farm vehicles unless there is a designated seat and seat belt for them.

Quad bike safety

  • Children under 16 should never use an adult sized quad bike.
  • Always wear a properly fitted helmet when you ride a quad bike.

Water safety

  • Stay away from flood waters—there can be hidden dangers like strong currents, logs and other rubbish.
  • Always have an adult with you when playing near or in dams, creeks and rivers.

Health and wellbeing

  • Make sure you’re ready to help out on the farm by eating healthy meals and getting plenty of sleep.
  • Stay sun safe when you‘re outside—wear a hat, drink water and take rest breaks in the shade.


  • Ask children to use lots of colour.
  • Ask children to draw the picture as clearly as they can and within the A4 landscape template drawing box.
  • Ask children to choose the message they can most relate to.
  • Ask children to read the messages carefully, as they are updated each year.

How to enter

Entries must have been submitted on white paper using the competition template. For the entry to be valid, all fields on the template should have been completed in legible handwriting. This includes the student’s first and last names, grade, school name and a consent signature from the student’s teacher, parent or guardian.

Post entries to:
Awareness and Engagement Unit
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
GPO Box 69


Judges selected 12 of the best drawings to be included in the 2024 Farm safety calendar. The aim was to have:

  • two winning entries for each of the six safety messages
  • an even spread of age groups, including at least one student from each year from prep to year 6
  • winners from around the state, with a strong representation from rural and regional Queensland.

Judges considered whether the drawing:

  • had a clear safety message
  • was relevant to the risk and solution
  • portrayed the safety message correctly
  • was colourful.

Winners announced and calendar available

The 12 winners were announced in October and the free 2024 Farm safety calendar is available from October. There will be 30,000 copies of the calendar available for Queenslanders to order.

More information

Call 1300 362 128.