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WorkCover Queensland research initiatives

WorkCover's customers are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of our customers' end-to-end experiences.

To do this, we engage in ongoing research initiatives to continue to improve customer experience and claim outcomes.

Customer feedback is key to our success

WorkCover Queensland is committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. To do this we must understand our customers more deeply, deliver the experiences they value and provide them with tailored, innovative solutions. Conducting regular research allows us to gather timely insights that can inform our decisions and help us to continuously improve and make a positive difference to peoples' lives. Read more.

Understanding the worker's journey with WorkCover

WorkCover Queensland is conducting research to co-design with customers around their early claim experience. This piece of work is about how WorkCover might best help customers know what to expect when making a claim. This research will show customers examples of what we are working on to receive customer thoughts and feedback. Customer insights will help us improve how we help and support people in the future.

Provider research

WorkCover Queensland is conducting research with providers to better understand their experiences interacting with WorkCover Queensland and how communication across different channels could be improved in the future. This research will involve providers providing their thoughts, feedback, and suggestions for improvement via short telephone interviews. The insights captured will help us improve how we interact with providers in the future.

Stakeholder research

We are conducting research with our stakeholders to understand their experiences and relationship with WorkCover Queensland. This research will involve stakeholders providing their feedback and suggestions for improvement via a short online survey. The insights captured will help ensure we are delivering a valuable service to our stakeholders.

Webinar research

WorkCover Queensland is conducting research to obtain feedback from those who have recently attended one or more of our online webinars.  This research will help us improve our webinar content and delivery so that we can better contribute to the professional learning and development of employers.

First Nations Voices Program

WorkCover Queensland have established our First Nations Voices program as a key outcome from our Reconciliation Action Plan. The First Nations Voices program aims to explore and better understand the experiences and support needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples engaging with WorkCover Queensland, and inform cultural capability uplift initiatives of WorkCover staff managing or advising claims of First Nations workers. The insights gained will lead to a range of experience improvement recommendations for WorkCover Queensland, which will be tested, validated and ultimately implemented across the organisation.