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WorkCover Queensland research initiatives

WorkCover's customers are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of our customers' end-to-end experiences.

To do this, we engage in ongoing research initiatives to continue to improve customer experience and claim outcomes.

Customer feedback is key to our success

WorkCover Queensland is committed to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. To do this we must understand our customers more deeply, deliver the experiences they value and provide them with tailored, innovative solutions. Conducting regular research allows us to gather timely insights that can inform our decisions and help us to continuously improve and make a positive difference to peoples' lives. Read more.

Understanding the worker's journey with WorkCover

WorkCover Queensland is conducting research to co-design with customers around their early claim experience. This piece of work is about how WorkCover might best help customers know what to expect when making a claim. This research will show customers examples of what we are working on to receive customer thoughts and feedback. Customer insights will help us improve how we help and support people in the future.

Recovery Blueprint

WorkCover Queensland is piloting a new approach to managing workplace injury claims which is designed to achieve better claim and return to work outcomes. WorkCover is partnering with Monash University to research, design and test the approach. Read more.

Tailored Care and Support

Through Recovery Blueprint we’ve identified factors that contribute to delayed return to work and poorer claim outcomes, and we’ve reviewed how we respond to those risks. We are now co-designing new tools and interventions to address the risks and we are reaching out to customers for insights and feedback around what we’re building.

Common law experience

WorkCover Queensland and the University of Queensland have completed a joint research project to better understand people's experiences with common law injury claims.

Findings from this project are contributing to enhancements we are making to the common law claim journey, in partnership with employers, workers and legal providers, in order to deliver more transparent customer experiences. Read more about: