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Electrical Safety Board members

Keith McKenzie
Commissioner for Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Board Chair

Keith started his electrical career in 1986. After gaining his electrical fitter and mechanics licence he worked for a number of companies on domestic, commercial, hospital, petrochemical and industrial projects.

He has served on a range of board and committees in apprentice training, construction, training competencies, workplace health and safety and Australian standards and has been a member of the Electrical Safety Board and Electrical Licensing Committee since 2011.

Prior to his role as Commissioner, Keith was the President of the Queensland and Northern Territory Electrical Trades Union branches.

Christine King
Representing community

Christine is the former State President of the Queensland Country Women's Association (QCWA) and Chairman of the Board. Christine has worked with communities for over 53 years and the last 31 years has been involved with the QCWA. Having travelled extensively over the State, she is aware of the diversity in our communities and the challenges faced in rural and remote districts in times of drought and natural disasters.

Leo Ward
Representing employers

Leo started his electrical career in 1974. Leo gained a variety of experiences over that time, which led him to start his own Cairns based electrical contracting business in 2003. Leo has worked in the Far North Queensland region specialising in critical and sustainability power systems supporting medical facilities and defence installations, and maintaining electrical resources to a variety of commercial, industrial and mining facilities.

Leo has been a member of Master Electricians Australia for the past 15 years and is now the Junior Vice-President. He is also a life member and part of the Alumni. Being part of Master Electricians Australia has given Leo the opportunity to provide mentoring in electrical training and safety. Leo is also a strong advocate of rural electrical safety.

Tracey Wilson
Representing community

Tracey is the owner of Working Visions, a Queensland consulting firm specialising in systemic change, strategy, governance, advocacy, and crisis communications with particular emphasis in community and stakeholder engagement and community capacity building.

Tracey has extensive Board experience including with the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service, the Queensland Building Services Authority, and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) - the peak body for community and stakeholder engagement sector.

Cassandra Tommasi
Representing workers

Cassandra is a valued worker for Stowe Australia, one of the leading contractors in the electrical industry. Cassandra has worked for Stowe Australia for over 10 years and has been a crucial part of both large-scale construction projects, and the Southern Queensland service division. Cassandra holds an Electrical Fitter Mechanic licence as well as holding licences in high risk works. Cassandra has always held a firm stance on fair and safe work practices.

Irma Beganovic
Representing employers

Irma is the Director of Government Relations for the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA). Prior to NECA, Irma worked in senior executive roles for the Queensland Government, leading teams of policy, governance, and communications specialists, while providing trusted and strategic advice to Ministers and Chief Executive Officers on matters affecting the government in areas of building, energy, and procurement. Underpinned by her qualifications in Business and Marketing, Irma’s advocacy strengths see her making a genuine difference and giving a voice to those in the sector who need it most, particularly subcontractors and women. Irma is a member of the Federal Government’s National Construction Industry Forum.

Jason Young
Representing workers

Jason is the President of the Queensland and Northern Territory Electrical Trades Union. Jason has extensive experience in the electrical industry and holds an Electrical Fitter Mechanic licence. Jason is passionate about the safety of electrical workers and is a member of several other boards and associations. Including the State Council for the Electrical Trades Union, Electrogroup Board and the QCU Executive and ETU Executive and National Divisional Executive. Jason is also a current member on the Electrical Licensing Committee.

Peter McKay

Peter is Acting Deputy Director-General of the Office of Industrial Relations. He is responsible for improving work health and safety and electrical safety performance through the regulatory framework and provision of services; regulatory responsibility and provision of policy advice on workers’ compensation matters; and supporting a productive industrial relations framework for the public sector in Queensland.