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Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Under the Public Sector Act 2022, WorkCover has obligations to promote equity, diversity, respect and inclusion in our workplace. We do this by participating in the annual equity and diversity audit process led by the Office of the Special Commissioner, Equity and Diversity.

This process allows WorkCover to understand:

  • Potential inequalities that are occurring.
  • Causes of identified inequalities.
  • How to best address inequalities.

This audit process ultimately lead to the creation of WorkCover’s Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Action Plan (PDF, 0.89 MB) which sets out the key actions we’ll be taking to address concerns and promote inclusion in the next 12 months.

Our vision is to become a workplace where inclusion drives every decision, every discussion, every day.

Safe & Inclusive Workplace

Aim: Understand the non-inclusive and culturally unsafe experiences in our workplace and develop a roadmap for improvement.

Critical Actions:

  • Explore the specific experiences of current employees with lived experience in our key marginalised groups.
  • Align inclusion initiatives with Psychosocial Safety Codes of Practice methodologies and requirements.

Attract & Retain Diverse Talent

Aim: Adapt policies and practices with an action-oriented focus on increasing diversity in our organisation.

Critical Actions:

  • Review inclusive language and practices in recruitment including our job ads, methods and templates.
  • Review remuneration (pay) data to identify and remedy pay gaps for our key marginalised groups.

Inclusive Learning Program

Aim: Design and deliver a program for all employees that educates, builds confidence and delivers capability.

Critical Actions:

  • Develop purpose-anchored communications strategy that underpins vision statement.
  • Review all learning and development programs to ensure integration of inclusive education principles and information.
  • Update our Equal Opportunity & Inclusion Policy and deliver aligned education program.

Diversity Data Governance

Aim: Develop clear data governance for the collection, storage and use of diversity-related personal data.

Critical Actions:

  • Review existing policies and practices for the collection, storage and use of diversity-related personal data.
  • Consult with employees to understand their expectations and experiences.