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Zero tolerance of aggression towards WorkCover Queensland employees

WorkCover acknowledges that sometimes emotions can heighten. Your concerns are important and WorkCover intends to support you while you are involved in a WorkCover claim, however, we expect that you will be respectful and courteous when communicating with WorkCover employees.

WorkCover has a zero-tolerance policy on aggression and violence towards its employees. Our employees work hard to support Queenslanders and have the right to a safe workplace free from abuse, aggression and violence.

If you display abusive, threatening, or violent behaviour towards WorkCover employees, you may:

  1. Be advised that we will be unable to assist you further in this interaction or in the short term, if you continue your behaviour
  2. Be warned that we will discontinue the conversation if your aggressive behaviour continues
  3. Have your conversation discontinued if the behaviour continues
  4. Have your call redirected to a voice message that will advise you of WorkCover’s zero tolerance policy and next steps on how we will collaborate with you moving forward.

WorkCover will report threats of violence, harassment, abuse, or threats to safety towards its employees to the police.

Your responsibilities

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Use a conversational and non-threatening speaking tone and level
  • Communicate without the use of threats, abuse, or offensive language
  • Conduct yourself without using offensive gestures or behaviour
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct Policy of your employer.

WorkCover’s responsibilities

  • Ensure the return to work and recovery of our injured workers remains our priority
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • Communicate the reasoning behind decisions made in relation to a claim or policy
  • Adhere to WorkCover’s Code of Conduct Policy
  • Notify you of any escalation options if relevant, including review rights.