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Office of Industrial Relations privacy

At the Office of Industrial Relations, we value privacy and the protection of personal information, and understand that getting privacy right is imperative to delivering our functions and services.

For us, handling personal information appropriately is vital to:

  • Protect and serve the Queensland community
  • Build and maintain trust, including understanding culturally diverse privacy considerations, and
  • Help deliver better services.

Privacy and personal information

In simple terms, personal information is information that identifies a person, or could reasonably lead to them being identified. At the Office of Industrial Relations, we collect personal information from workers, employers and other Queenslanders to assist us to perform our role and fulfill our statutory functions. We also collect personal information from individuals for recruitment and employment with us. This information may include a person’s name, contact details, Evidence of identity documents, medical information, and information about complaints and investigations.

Queensland privacy law

Where we collect personal information, we apply the privacy rules set out in Queensland’s Information Privacy Act 2009. This includes limiting how we collect, use, and disclose personal information and taking reasonable steps to keep it secure.

Understanding the importance of privacy and why personal information needs protection is key to the role we play in meeting our obligations and community expectations.

For further information about how we manage Personal Information at the Office of Industrial Relations, or if you have any concerns about how your personal information has been managed, please follow Privacy | Office of Industrial Relations (


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