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Electrical Safety Education Committee members

Keith McKenzie
Commissioner for Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Education Committee Chair

Keith started his electrical career in 1986. After gaining his electrical fitter and mechanics licence he worked for several companies on domestic, commercial, hospital, petrochemical and industrial projects.

Keith has served on a range of board and committees in apprentice training, construction, training competencies, workplace health and safety and Australian standards and has been a member of the Electrical Safety Board and Electrical Licensing Committee since 2011.

Prior to his role as Commissioner, Keith was the President of the Queensland and Northern Territory Electrical Trades Union branches.

Tracey Wilson

Tracey is the owner of Working Visions, a Queensland consulting firm specialising in systemic change, strategy, governance, advocacy and crisis communications with particular emphasis in community and stakeholder engagement and community capacity building.

Tracey holds a Master of Sustainable Development, a Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management and advanced certificates in mentoring and public participation. Tracey is a current member of the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Board.

Cameron Humphreys

Cameron is the Sub Branch Vice President of Transmission and Distribution of the Electrical Trades Union. He has extensive experience in the electricity transmission industry, including design and development of safety training and assessment programs.

Cameron holds a licence as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic.

Tammy Stanton

Tammy is the Director of Beltec.

She has extensive experience in the electricity industry in both public and private sectors.

Tammy is passionate about women in the electrical industry, founding Women in Power Association and was recently awarded the Construction Skills Queensland’s Construction Female of the Year.

Tammy is the first woman to be elected to the Master Electricians Association, and holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Bachelor of Information Technology.

Glen Cook

Glen is the Principal Community Safety Specialist at Energy Queensland. He is a very passionate advocate for electrical safety and works closely with workers in the agricultural, aviation and construction industries, speaking face to face of his experiences regarding powerline safety.

Glen also works closely with marketing experts to develop and implement a variety of safety initiatives for homes and workplaces.

Glen holds a Diploma of Management and is a licensed electrical fitter mechanic.

Ioni Lewis

Ioni is a Professor at Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q) where she is a Principal Research Fellow.

Ioni’s expertise is in the development and evaluation of public education and advertising campaigns in injury prevention with much of her research based in the field of road safety. Her work draws upon social psychological perspectives of decision-making and health behaviour change.

David Cross

David is the Chief Executive Officer for Energy Skills Queensland. He has extensive experience in the energy sector with particular emphasis on innovation, growth and organisational development.

David holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business, Graduate Diploma of Education and a Bachelor of Science. David is a current member of the Queensland Government’s Mentoring for Growth Panel.

Regina Roos

Regina is Vice President, Business Development of Typhoon HIL. She has a rich knowledge of hardware in-the-loop (HIL) concepts for microgrid, solar and energy storage.

Regina has extensive expertise in LV and HV switchgear and motor control, and renewable solutions for IEC Standards. Regina is a Senior member of IEEE and an active member of the German Association of Electrical Engineers and the German Association for Quality Management. Regina holds a Master of Engineering and completed her Swiss-Asia MBA with focus on Culture Transformation during the Covid pandemic. Regina is leading diversity and inclusion panels globally.

Suzanne Sheppard

Sue has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry, completing her electrical apprenticeship in 1986.

She gained experience in a variety of areas and went on to train electrical apprentices for seven years at TAFE Queensland, before moving into training compliance as a senior lead auditor. The last six years has seen her hold the role of General Manager at Electro Group Training QLD.

Sue is passionate about women in trade and is involved with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). Sue holds a Bachelor of Training and a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership.

Christopher Thiesfield

Chris is a proud Gooreng Gooreng man from the Bundaberg region in Queensland with more than 30 years’ experience in rural and remote training and employment throughout Australia.

He spent 11 years working for the Queensland Government and was a board member of the Queensland Training and Employment Recognition Council for seven years.

Chris is now involved in various committees focusing on the health of Queensland workers.