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Sandy's story

Sandra Wanchap: I was administering eyedrops to a lady, turned to get a tissue and she was on oxygen. And of course, there's many cords in aged care. So my feet became entangled.

I fell onto the floor right onto the head of the humerus. So I missed the table, but I think my head bumped.

So I think the poor old lady who had a cardiac condition, she was in a worse state than I. I knew I had broken my arm. I'm got a low tolerance, to pain. But boy, that was pain.

Well, it did mess up my plans because I was going to retire last Christmas. I decided I'd go back to work to make sure that I could basically continue as a nurse.

And of course, my agency was very good to me. They supported me and put me onto WorkCover. I was looked after.

Samantha King: I thought Sandra was an amazing person, so I wanted to do what I could to, to help her.

Sandra Wanchap: The reception was excellent. Sam seemed to basically hear what I was saying in my words.

I had regular weekly appointments with this delightful physio who was excellent.

Samantha King: We organized connect a support person on the ground to help Sandra with her recovery. But I specifically asked for someone who had a psychological background.

Sandra Wanchap: And that was an amazing, experienced psychologist that I saw. And she was really good.

I think mindfulness and having a very close community, just the people around me has been pretty amazing.

Samantha King: She recovered so well and quickly and was so motivated the whole time and it really helped Sandra with her return to work and getting back to her normal role.